Kasen Fair Is Foul

Shakespeare, Flores, Nose, Greengrass, D. Horse, Natalia...
July 15 - August 31, 2006
originally composed at Renga World

fair is foul
foul is fair
thunder and lightning

                photo by mandala

  darkness on scorched earth
  lindenbaum scents the air

the sun also rises
over the soccer stadium
no roar of the crowd any more

  hero has walked off in shame
  ah where is he heading for?

a caravan fades away
toward the moonlit desert
lingering camel bells

  just one fish on the bottom
  looks up at the autumn rain

hillside foliage turned
to red and yellow patch
mom's quilt remains unfinished

  how to untangle the threads
  Rice jumps in the boiling pot

smoke of shish-kebab
overcast by gun smoke
cross fire on the grill

  survival of the fastest
  deadly law of the wild west

two horsemen hurry along
for hot meal and bath
lights of town dim in the blizzard

  to kiss and wake her up
  he knocks on the back door

you’ve gone this morning
my heart hasn’t been quite right since
a draft in harem

  a young lady cleans up wilted flowers
  of the soldiers' graveyard

moon was bloody red
in hazy Vietnam’s quagmire
still their nightmare

  here passing a parade float
  full load of pumpkin masks

which is the witch
which flies on the broom
in a typhoon?

  let's go hiking tomorrow
  I'll make turkey sandwiches

you are on the right
a basket on the left
a cranberry hill

  far away down on a bay
  sails swell in the sunset

ladies dressed elegantly
swoop down on games
Gucci's bargain sale

  goodbye earthiness
  el condor pasa

ding-dong of the temple bells
moon light through cottage windows
vague memories of my home

  wide awake through a long night
  a lonely wandering poet

from the alpine pasture
countless sheep rush driven down
snow clouds coming fast

  hi dear sit down to table
  rack of lamb is sizzling

finally fizzled out
my juvenile crush on her
alas fifty years

  old memories never die
  neither do they fade away

the moon shines a light on
an empty airstrip
last homebound plane just took off

  sending them off to safety
  good guy of Casablanca

so time goes by
to the age of chivalry
offer flowers

  if fine, pleasure of gardening
  if rain, pleasure of reading

days of wine and roses
morning comes evening comes
with bottles scattered

  sober enough to feel
  the breeze of early spring

the sunshine sparkling
the fresh black soil smelling
a thaw has set in

  morning haze has cleared off
  fresh green is a magic force

-- end --