Kasen: Not Visible But Tangible

   18 September - 1 December 2007
   by Fujiwara Toshiyuki, D. Horse, Mandala and Tina


  not visible
  but tangible; the wind
  autumn is here
          (fujiwara toshiyuki/d. horse)

      on tatami with bare feet
      evening is a bit chill

  a moon
  swaying on the water
  in a tin tub

      I got it for you,
      my little boy
         (d. horse)

  he’s a mushroom
  to grow in the air
  huge and lethal

      the light at the street
      now turns green


  sipping coffee
  biting pretzels
  life is a rush
         (d. horse)

      frozen voices float
      as diamond dust dances

  someone left
  one of a pair of
  brand-new snow boots

      did anyone see
      a pumpkin coach last midnight?
         (d. horse)

  sunset to sunrise
  curfew is imposed
  in the capital

      the pie should be cut
      for seven kids even

  I dont have a mansion
  nor am I a yachtie
  moon and six pence in pocket

      the isle is in haze
      a distant silhouette

  I believe
  fairies of that blooming hamlet
  are all in a doze

      on a lovely spring day
      my pa and mom met

  her smile is a blur
  in the warmth of the night
  ah Diana

      quarrelsome fisherman
      has quitted drinking since

  a wreck of a boat
  on the deserted beach
  soughing of palm trees


      from a hillside desa
      comes soulful gamelan

  my nose itches --
  gleamy weather

      no love stories on TV
      attract Darby and Joan now

  couch potatoes
  beside the fireplace

      bull or bear
      the stockbroker is wavering

  onto chilly streets
  people dissipate for weekends
  crescent moon hanging in the sky

      they harvest strange fruits
      of the southern tree

  it's almost
  All Hallows' day

              Fra Angelico, National Gallery, London 

      a girl, all dolled up
      knocked on my door

  crepe suzette
  not an apple pie
  for tonight

      he lost his interest
      in monastic life anymore

  I cannot hold
  until the Great Wall
  falls down

      in a snowstorm
      nomads are starving

  his wife forgot
  to put chopsticks
  in his lunch box

      a rustle at the front door
      spring air wafted in

  oh Florence
  Flora springs out of
  la Primavera

       Primavera, Sandro Botticelli, Uffizi

      innumerable butterflies
      flew the sea off

        ----The End of Kasen: Not Visible But Tangible----