Renga Hyakuin Trio Snowflakes Dance

January 10 - February 17, 2006

Flores, Mandala, and Nose

skies are low and the earth is
fathoms beneath the white surface
snowflakes dance in between

@@a new Siberian cold air mass
@@wading across the Japan Sea@(mandala)

listen to icebergs
colliding far in the sound
but to the sound of silence (nose)

@@a flock of wild geese high above
@@I fancy I hear a sharp cry (f)

the morning after
a dew of dream fades away
in a last glow of the moon (m)

@@a shiny skin-head or two
@@out for autumn harvesting (n)

to the promised land
just wandering as a cloud
a wagon train passes (f)

@@on the road may you
@@find a good companion (m)
dayfs lovely windfs cheerful
why not get drunk
under the cherry blossoms? (n)

@@a haze hangs over the field
@@so does it over my consciousness ( f)

snow melts far in Oze
with skunk-cabbages shooting
our common nostalgia (m)

@@gone are my friends
@@from the rice field of spring sowing (n)

forsaking this world
the poet entered the priesthood
to save his empty heart (f)

@@instead of laboring for food
@@walking about to beg alms (m)

how many people
must starve and shiver
to let one be well fed? (f)

@@as the moon shines by the sunlight
@@poems shine often by the moonlight (m)

on the lake side
there used to be
you and the autumn breeze (f)

@@I depart on a clear autumn day
@@to find someone nice (n)

after youfve gone
I found a big hole in the bucket
yes and in my heart too (m)

@@Tens of thousands sheep entertained me
@@in my sleepless nights@(n)

a thousand eyes
of the night and the mind
how can you close them at once? (f)

@@therefs elegance in hermitage
@@visit me with a bottle some time (m)
Here's a toast
to the newly weds,
who first met in the plane to Paris (n)

@@a jet-set love affair
@@the scene changes fast (f)

a romance on the South Bank
brunch at Saint Germain
a divorce at Narita alas (m)

@@on the sunny Bahamas beach
@@the old man watches the sea alone (n)

bikinis at Shonan
toplesses at Kuta
where's the nudist island? (f)

@@a cockroach sticks motionlessly
@@on the wall on a hot day (m)

in high noon siesta
five or six horsemen
gallop through a village (n)

@@Vera Cruz, revolution, women
@@the autumn of Spanish Empire (f)

leaves dyed by the season
imagery of future (m)

@@Sumo contests closed
@@with the champ's loss to a challenger (n)

the moon shines
over a small village shrine
a festival evening (f)

@@sweet girls drum wadaikoes
@@in a happi and momohiki (m)

a prima ballerina
rushes home in jeans on a bike
an afterglow of stage (n)

@@it rains off and on in London
@@as the Victorian fade away (f)
southern magnolia blossoms
open the spring as sunlight is
over the Mississippi (m)

@@saddle a horse, dress up for picnic,
@@New England's spring is short (n)

a swallow returns to Walden
with a warm south wind
a boatman on the pond (f)

@@how many times did seasons revolve
@@how much did water run under the bridge? (m)

hello, full moon,
shine on my old folks far away
who may be watching you (n)

@@forty years under foreign skies
@@Ifm disappearing like a morning dew (f)

Ifve sown seeds on this land
expecting the harvest
for the coming generation (m)

@@hey, crows, monkeys, wild boars,
@@beware of the dogs (n)

a Japanese cuckoo
is calling in the stillness
of a deep mountain (f)

@@therefs an old pond
@@but no sounds all day long (m)

twenty-four hours a day
seven days a week,
Hong Kong never sleeps (n)

@@back to the mother country
@@mais ou sont les neiges dfantan? (f)
a death in the cold
after the many splendored love
Korea in the fifties (m)

@@I love'ya, but please don't...
@@'till my pa and ma say yes (n)
donft touch me
donft caress me please
King Midas (f)

@@crossing the Amazon
@@into glittering El Dorado (m)

once there was the Great Barrier Reef
it's gone now
bleached by the sun (n)

@@against the erosion by freezing wind
@@the rock has been standing millions of years (f)

loons migrating back
when the golden foliage begins
to clothe the lake (m)

@@two figures in silhouette merged,
@@the moon behind the cloud (n)

coyotes courting
Jack and Betty are courting
in the wilderness (f)

@@submerged love affairs to the seabed
@@secretly confined in the Titanic (m)

calendar tells it's spring
radio tells blooming of plums
chilly afternoon (n)

@@as time goes by
@@I stand by a piano (f)

stitching a life
with silver threads and golden needles
on a rocking chair (m)

@@out of a daydream by the fireplace,
@@my dog and me alone (n)

auf flugeln des gesanges
letfs start the winter journey
with Felix and Franz (f)

@@to the Ganges ghat at Benares
@@where we see the sacred waters run (m)
Basho said
the moon and plum blossoms
look best in the spring haze (n)

@@vernal winds carry the scent
@@then blow away the clouds (f)

willows are fresh green
swaying faintly on the riverbank
cruising the Yangtze

@@a frog jumped to reach a branch
@@but fell onto the water (n)

fortune wheels
history repeats itself
a cricket sings last yearfs elegy (f)

@@Mom comes home smiling
@@with a basketful of cranberries@ (m)

a Monroe-like woman
stands at the bus stop
autumn loneliness (f)

@@a scarecrow fades out
@@an earlier sunset (m)

with full load of pacific saury
boats came back
to the moonlit harbour (n)

@@on the quay wives wave
@@their hands to veterans (f)

to his home
a prince had taken a queen away
war! (m)

@@if you miss the plane I'm on
@@you'll see a jet contrail fade (n)

an explosion
deprived them of their dearest son
Challenger 1986 (f)

@@floating cloud running water
@@nothing can stay nothing forever (m)
a man showed up
whom I was just about to call
in early winter (n covering buson)

@@runny nose kids
@@around an open-fire (f)

bats hang down
from high branches
a hot mid-day (m)

@@waves wash footprints off
@@on the moonlit beach (n)

before the altar
one candle is burning out
another starts burning (f)

@@gas lights in London evening
@@a faint scent of bouquet (m)

a long line of young people
to a noodle vender
at brightly lit Ginza street (n)

@@so hot that the rails expand
@@my brain starts melting (f)

until midnight
parading through the town
the bon dance procession (m)

@@calm down, typhoon
@@give us a good harvest (n)

autumn goes drizzly
over chrysanthemum pots
toward winter (f)

@@tell me where can I buy
@@that kind of monkeyfs straw raincoat? (m)

I lost sight of the girl
at Burberry's corner
5th avenue in a snow flurry (n)

@@Sunday skiers hugged each other
@@Central Park in the snow (f)
dark blue brown
their eyes speak something
behind the black veil (m)

@@sun light falling through bamboo grove
@@unveils bamboo shoots (n)

splitting hazy air
the god of spring thrusts a spear
in a flash (f)

@@soldiers enjoy a cease-fire
@@cherry blossoms bloom in full (n)

the cold war melted
all were pigeons hit
by a pea-shooter (m)

@@the final curtain fell
@@what a surprise ending (n)

the hall stands
in the stillness of autumn
evening of Bayreuth (f)

Wagners on earphones
I am jogging alone in the moonlight (n)