Kasen: From Marriott

From: 23 September 2008
To:     21 December 2008


   from Marriott
   to a ruined palace
   ah autumn blast

     it was an interlude
     of the prolonged sandstorms

   circles, squares, oblongs
   flag-maker's working in
   the moonlit atelier
          (Anne )

     all the full dress ships
     exchange gun salutes

   press corps raided
   a sleepy fishing village,
   a white whale washed ashore

     run, little mermaid, run
     on your brand new feet

   dear passengers
   we’ve crossed the date line
   April 1 now


     I've waited for hours in vain
     such a fool I took her words

   in a misty hue
   love romance started
   mobiles being turned off

     only I know that he is
     one of the justices of the SC

   to err is human,
   to forgive may not be
   his wife's policy

     come rain or come shine
     single-legged scarecrow

   harvest moon
   almost falling down
   to the old pond

     up! up! to the highest
     the spire of the rock

   hey kids
   get aroused now with
   the Rolling Stones

     I don't recall what I ate
     'twas only yesterday


   suddenly the game is over
   only the floral scent
   left behind

     on a thrown die
     a butterfly sits

   walking in the spring breeze
   along the River Sumida,
   Vivaldi from a cardboard house

     the trio plays a piece or two
     at Four Seasons’s bar

   eleven or twelve ?
   the big wall clock
   now strikes

     with full make up
     wiped off

              Jakarta Art Museum

   nasty mirror !
   wrinkle wrinkle

     someday, I believe,
     my prince will come

   a limousine
   dragging tins and cans
   marriage of convenience


     they both have
     very good resons for it

   don't ask me
   why I dropped out of

     the mantra called me
     from another shore

   and in me
   the Japanese
   came out strong

     fresh tea caddy opened
     farewell party started

   December moon
   lights up the marquee
   of Bedouins

     camel bells from far away
     linger in the silence

   never forget
   what your mother taught you

     lullaby goes on like this:
     pain! pain! fly away!

   flower to flower
   a butterfly flits around
   for life or for love

     may peace prevail on the earth
     glorious spring in the air

         --------THE END OF KASEN: FROM MARRIOTT--------