Kasen From Day To Day

Flores, Mule, March 1-21, 2006

from day to day
archipelago inches
southward for brightness (Flores)

@@glacier front recedes northward
@@collapsing into the sea (Mule)

broke up
a May Day rally
drifting balloons (f)

@@wind across the rice field
@@gently strokes a baby's cheeks (m)

coming home
with a truckful of harvest
moon over the family (f)

@@a leisurely chat on the terrace
@@a scent of fragrant olive (f)
people cheer marathon runners
until they disappear
behind the Parthenon (m)

@@they are beckoned to red lights
@@of the Palace of Virgins (f)

a Chinese heroine
mesmerizes audiences
Geisha made in Hollywood (m)

@@knee how? oh, itfs
@@getting better after Turin (f)

on a day like today
Yaji-Kita duo must have started
the long journey to Ise (m)

@@step by step in parching heat
@@el Camino de Santiago (f)

a convoy of buses
heavily loaded on tops
fades away in dusk (m)

@@then the man sees a pigeon
@@carrying an olive branch back (f)

the typhoon is gone
the moon shines in full
a hunch something good to happen (m)

@@youfll see Humpty Dumpty
@@on the Great Wall of China (f)

there lived an old man
who sprinkled ash and
made dead cherry trees bloom (m)

@@deadly fallout rains down
@@silent spring at the site (f)
oh spring breeze
blow away dandruff
on my shoulders (f)

@@unload the burden of life
@@enjoy the present moment (m)

Pedro totters home
with a bottle of rum
banana boat (f)

@@sad to say I'm on my way
@@I had to leave a little girl (m)

sailors change vessels
girls are to change seamen
seagulls of Kingston (f)

@@sound of gunshots
@@Chekhov's curtain came down (m)

smokes go up
on the holy riverside
that is that (f)

@@the sun scorches the desert
@@vultures make circles above (m)

freezing snows biting winds
Mt Hakkoda (f)

@@monkeys soak in the hot spa
@@making red faces more reddish (m)

bathed in moonlight
the pyramids are asleep
beside the pale sphinx (f)

@@a white power pylon overlooking
@@mountains of red and yellow patches (m)
the harbor is full
of sardine boats and fishermen
an autumn daybreak (m)

@@anchovies on a pizza
@@savor Mediterranean (f)

roar of sushi catering bike
fades toward
the new town (m)

@@sunshine is good for hill tribes
@@to have an outdoor party (f)

is faint gradation
spring haze or cherry blossoms
far in the distance? (m)

@@salade de printemps is soft
@@in a white porcelain bowl (f)