Kasen: The Golden Bell

by Mandala, D. Horse, Tina and Anne

28 January -17 June 2008

   striking 2008
   the golden bell opens
   a new horizon


     it also tolls for
     the old man and the sea
        (D. Horse)

   a shabby cat
   strayed into
   a rainy alley

     tiger beer?
     a big smile at the bar

   noise of garbage trucks
   hubbub at a newsstand
   moon hangs hazily

     crowd jostle for home
     the spring festival

   daffodils in a row
   nodding each other
   like freshmen at college


     do you know that Mrs. Smith
     who plays the shamisen ?

   at the great gate
   thus wooed the girl

     wake up, my friend
     you were in a deep dream

     for the Pluto
   the last space shuttle's
   already taken off

     pomegranate sweet
     in the moonlight

   red and yellow leaves
   underneath were people
   carrying all black backpacks

     here comes a wild boar
     straight down a single path

   given by damsel
   as a token of love

        National Treasure (Nara National Mueum)

     unexpectedly huge bird
     reflected in the mirror

   hawks and doves
   all forget to fight
   the cherry blossoms

     war-battered hometown, alack
     ruined castle in deep weeds
        (Tu Fu / d.horse)

   a farm tractor


     shampooed and permed
     wife is ready to go out

   no places to visit
   no friends to call
   a blissful afternoon nap

     who shout for freedom
     from jails in Tibet?

   through a hole to the sky
   lamentation rose up
   like clouds

     something heavy-looking
     dropped in the lotus pond

   flesh and blood
   after the holy dinner
   a tipsy lurch

     time heals a broken heart?
     but it stood still

   a bandoneon
   touches again
   the slow writer

     Templo de la Sagrada Famillia,
     a Japanese mason's there

   a train whistle far off
   a dog howling near by
   moonlit silence of a night

     a hut midst the pampas
     alone in autumn wind

   a basketful of mushrooms
   from secret mountain


     the toy brick house
     suddenly broken down

   to right to left
   ocean splits in half
   making high walls

     Listen, they started removing
     snow of the alpine highway

   pale pink petals
   drifting around
   all day long

     footprints of Princess Saho
     everywhere on the meadow